Product & Services Options

Looking to self-promote your daily subject matter with high-quality content? ReCapture's goal is to create better content by filming and editing your story using our advanced artificial intelligence control system.

Product 1 caters perfectly to users who are interested in creating content for self-promotion services, hobbyists, family events, and emerging stars wanting to elevate their social media page. Rental pricing is priced per week.

A business that requires advertising? ReCapture provides a one-time service for social media posts, native and programmatic advertising, and any other digital content produced by Recapture's cutting-edge technology.

Recapture's AI technology can manage your social media account, offering a monthly business subscription, which includes frequent posting, growing your audience, and connecting with customers. 

Our digital media management bot will reduce the time needed to plan, write and share social media posts, shorten customer response time, collect data for analytical reporting and decision-making, and improve brand recognition and engagement.

An Example of Our Work

In this example,  we show customers and businesses what ReCapture can do.

Here we have a soon-to-be mother who wants to share her gender reveal experience with her family and friends. She rented our User Generated Content which includes the drone, camera, and other technology needed. After we sent her the final results, Recapture was able to use the footage taken and repurpose it potentially as a Coca-Cola Ad for Fall 2023.