Frequently Asked Questions

How does the product work?

A drone is sent out by ReCapture in a pelican case that is completely operational when it arrives. There is a port for charging and data transfer back to ReCapture's cloud-based A/I video generation. There is also a port for plugging in the case/launching and landing pad.


Artificial intelligence? How do I know that this will have the aesthetic I want to achieve? Who can I contact?

Within minutes of using the product or service, users will be able to select from a variety of options thanks to the UGCE. The content that the user produced using labor-saving technology and AI that gives customers what they want, exactly when they want it, is the finished product. You don't need to speak to anyone; if you have a question, ReCapture's AI bot will be happy to help. In addition to helping you create the video exactly as you want it, the bot can also connect you to tech support via text message.


How can I communicate with the AI to create videos or pose other additional questions?

Users communicate with the AI by speaking to it, and it responds by using its native features. For instance, a user might interact with Siri in the iOS ecosystem. Our app allows users to swipe left or right and record sample images to assist the AI in creating a foundation and profile upon which to build its creative computations.


How long will this whole process take? 

The system adapts and learns, so there is no set time, but generally minutes and tends to take longer when first getting started. After a short time frame the AI can predict the best camera angles, optional color saturation preference of the user for the application.


What additional benefits do the user-generated content and the accompanying equipment provide?

The real value comes from the combination of user inputs from other emergent stars. As ReCapture increases its B2C customer base, and users are actively making high quality content, the AI gets better and better, becoming more and more valuable.

The content alone is valuable, but the use of the AI by many users creates a pool of data that makes our processes and delivery better over time and worth more intangible value when it’s time for an acquisition.

The goal is not to create content that is the brainchild of a single creative director within ReCapture, but more akin to a living system that grows based on the value-added inputs of users who are paying to create high-quality content, which Recapture owns the rights to redistribute for profit in a B2B model.


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